Take Action With Your Political Donations

SSPA is all-volunteer!  But organizing takes money, especially where voting has been historically suppressed.  And political campaigns themselves cost money. 

Please donate to help bring about the change we seek.

SSPA Truer and Bluer Senate Victory Fund

We’ve learned that 50 isn’t enough! Help create a strong working Blue majority in the Senate. We need to win the open Senate seats in NC and PA, flip WI, and keep all Dem incumbents to expand the Democratic majority in the Senate. Our efforts and our money can make the difference! We are targeting our fundraising to the 3 candidates who most urgently need funds to stay compeitive. The money raised here will go to the eventual Democratic nominee in WI, Cheri Beasley (NC), and John Fetterman (PA) – all in extremely close, but winnable, Senate races! Click here to donate.  Donations are not tax-deductible. 100% of contributions go directly these candidates, not to to SSPA.

Tax Deductible Groups Building Power From the Ground Up

Building political power means building sustained, ongoing efforts supporting organizing in communities that aren’t always welcomed at the tables of power. These organizations are working at the grass roots level, creating lasting relationships and a greater sense of how political power can create positive change.

By supporting these 501(c)(3) tax deductible organizations, we’re expanding the table, bringing more voices into the conversation and supporting local organizing that is the foundation of political change.

Click here to donate.  Donations to these groups are tax deductible.

100% of contributions go directly these organizations, not to to SSPA.

Expand Voting in Communities of Color in NC and PA

The New Pennsylvania Project and the New North Carolina Project are new organizations working, on the ground in their communities, to build political power among those who haven’t had a seat at the table. These two groups need to continue to strategize and pay their organizers to turn out the vote!

Click HERE to support these two organizations in vitally important 2022 swing states! Donations are not tax-deductible.

100% of contributions go directly to these groups, not to SSPA.

SSPA Stamp and Operating Fund

Please give your largest donations to one of the above funds!  But although we’re an all-volunteer group, we still need funds for stamps and basic operating expenses (like this website).

Click HERE to donate. Thanks for helping us out!  Note that because we want to change elections, contributions are not tax-deductible.