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Winning elections takes money. Please donate to help get the changes we seek.

Georgia Runoff Impact Fund

We just kept the Senate BLUE despite predictions – let’s go all the way and get to 51! The Georgia runoff is December 6 – when Georgians will decide whether to re-elect Dem Senator Raphael Warnock – proven, competent, progressive – or elect his embarrassing opponent. Their choice will affect the entire country. Please donate to strengthen organizing groups in Georgia who can get their key constituents to the polls and win this election. Help make sure these groups have the funds they need! 100% of donations go to support these groups:
  • GALEO Impact Fund – Mobilizing over 385,000 Latinos to vote for Senator Warnock
  • New Georgia Project Action Fund – Building progressive political power by mobilizing Black, Latinx, AAPI, and young Georgians
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America – Building support for Senator Warnock as a reproductive freedom champion
Click HERE to donate.  Donations are meant to tip elections and are not tax-deductible.  100% of contributions go directly these candidates, not to SSPA.

Tax Deductible Groups to Empower Voters

Building political power in communities that haven’t had that power expands democracy. These organizations are creating lasting relationships with their constituencies and demonstrating how political power can create change.  By supporting these 501(c)(3) tax deductible organizations, you become a part of this.  Please support this foundation of empowerment and political change.

Click HERE to donate.  Donations to these groups are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.  100% of contributions go directly these organizations, not to to SSPA.

Expand Voting in Communities of Color in NC and PA

The New Pennsylvania Project and the New North Carolina Project are new organizations working, on the ground in their communities, to build political power among those who haven’t had a seat at the table. These two groups need to continue to strategize and pay their organizers to turn out the vote in these important 2022 swing states! Click HERE to support these two organizations. Donations are not tax-deductible.  100% of contributions go directly to these groups, not to SSPA.

SSPA Stamp and Operating Fund!

We’re an all-volunteer group, but we need funds for stamps for our get-out-the-vote (GOTV) letters and basic operating expenses (like this website)!

Click HERE to donate. Donations will help us tip elections and are not tax-deductible. Thanks!