SSPA Priority Candidates for Virginia 2023

Kimberly Pope Adams VA HD 82

Kimberly Pope Adams is the Democratic nominee for House District 82, covering the City of Petersburg and Dinwiddie County. She is an accountant by training and serves as a financial compliance officer at Virginia State University. She is a single mom who grew up in the district in a union household that placed a high priority on education. The issues she is prioritizing include safe communities, education, reproductive rights, transparency and governance, rural broadband, and economic development. Adams is running against Kim Taylor, the freshman incumbent for House District 63. Del. Taylor, also a native of a more rural part of the District, owns a number auto repair shops with her husband. She is focused on agricultural and rural development issues, although she does support a more free-market approach to healthcare. It is unclear what her position is on access to abortion.

Josh Cole VA HD 65

The Democratic candidate for this open seat is former delegate Josh Cole, the youngest and first Black person elected from the Fredericksburg area. As a delegate, Josh focused a good part of his time on health care, particularly ways to expand coverage, assure quality care and reproductive freedoms; he also focused on ways to advance equity in housing and economic security. If elected again, he vows to work on passing legislation that seriously addresses climate change, criminal justice reform, and campaign finance reform. His Republican opponent Lee Peters praises Governor Youngkin for his educational, economic, and law enforcement policies; he believes Democrats are pushing political ideologies in classrooms, ignoring parent rights, and disinvesting in law enforcement. A former marine and police officer, Peters vows to support legislation that aligns with Governor Youngkin’s agenda.

Michael Feggans VA HD-97

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Susanna Gibson – VA HD 57

Susana Gibson is a nurse practitioner and public health expert who is running for this seat in the Henrico County surburbs northwest of Richmond. Her opponent is David Owen, a retired general contractor and lobbyist for the home-building construction industry. Gibson’s priorities are protecting reproductive rights, increasing support for teachers and schools, passing common-sense laws to reduce gun violence, ensuring safe and affordable housing – especially for seniors; she is also focused on improving mental health and substance abuse resources, addressing climate change, and opposing discrimination – particularly that against the LGBTQ+ community.

Monty Mason VA SD 24

Senator Monty Mason is running for reelection in District 24 that covers Newport News City and York County). Mason has served in the Virginia Legislature since 2013, where he has delivered real results for our district’s families, businesses, and schools. He was elected to represent the 1st State Senate District in 2016, after spending two successful terms in the House of Delegates. Senator Mason has proven himself as an effective and collaborative legislator, shepherding over 70 pieces of legislation into law while in the state senate. His opponent is the pro-life and pro-gun Sheriff Danny Diggs, whose long ties to the district will make for a challenging and highly competitive race. Prior to his election, Mason worked at VISA as a Senior Director of Fraud Prevention and Risk Management. A proud Virginian and graduate of William and Mary, Senator Mason lives in Williamsburg with his wife and two daughters.

Travis Nembhard VA HD 22

This district, which covers the heart of Prince William County, features Democrat Travis Nembhard, a young attorney and former financial regulator for the DC government and a former administrative law judge. His opponent, Republican Ian Lovejoy, is a small businessman and entrepreneur who served on Manassas City Council before losing his seat and a subsequent race for delegate in another district. Travis is the husband of a Spanish teacher and the parent of two young children and wants to strengthen the education system for both educators and students. He also wants to advance gun safety laws and supports legislation to provide universal childcare and paid family leave.

Russet Perry VA HD 31

Former Loudoun County Prosecutor and CIA officer Russet Perry is the Democratic nominee. A resident of Round Hill, she is a graduate of George Washington University and Georgetown law school. She is pro-choice, supports strong gun laws and is very interested in mental health issues. She grew up in family with financial difficulties and health challenges and cares deeply about kitchen table issues like the cost of living, the affordability of health care, and the necessity for excellent and safe public schools with well-paid public school teachers. She is running against Juan Pablo Segura, a conservative health care tech executive and entrepreneur, who moved to Leesburg during the pandemic. He is the son of a billionaire who is funding his campaign. Segura is pro-gun and anti-choice and kicked off his campaign by attacking educational equity. He also is getting a lot of love from Gov. Youngkin.

Josh Thomas VA HD 21

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