Let’s Get Loud – Social Media Training for Activists

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 – 7:30 to 8:30 pm

This is what the Republicans want you to think and talk about but it won’t win elections: Government shut down, Biden’s impeachment inquiry, Hunter Biden, Joe is 80 and he’ll be 86 in 2028. Democrats want someone younger to run, Biden needs to get rid of Kamala Harris. Biden’s economy is doing well but his poll numbers, why is there such a disconnect! Trump and Biden are tied! And more trump!

Hearing news like this makes your blood pressure go up, or you just want to give up. Yes, the media’s narratives are designed to create false drama and promote conflict. Worse yet, Rs are spreading disinformation all over Social Media and Social Media companies are allowing it!

What can a Democrat do?

Please come to our Social Media Zoom training and learn how we can amplify Democratic messaging, especially all the accomplishments of the Biden administration, and at the same time, combat Rs disinformation.

You’ll learn how to write effective social media posts including using pics and videos to drive your message home. You’ll also learn some dos and don’ts of messaging.

So let’s get loud and be proud and show voters how things are better with Democrats in charge!