Strategic Giving with 501(c)(3) Tax-Deductible Benefits

This year, we’ve chosen four stellar nonprofit, tax deductible organizations that seek to boost turnout among infrequent voters in states and among constituencies that we think will be especially important in 2024. These groups are building local infrastructure to help organizers reach those voters who don’t see the connection between the results of elections and their everyday lives. This can only be done with organizations that have deep local roots and community credibility; it requires groups that are engaged with the community not just on election day but 365 days a year. The organizations listed below are in critical states and serve important constituencies. They are creating lasting relationships with their constituencies all year round and demonstrating how political power can improve community life as well as national policy. We think they will be particularly impactful in the 2024 election cycle.

Donations to these groups are tax-deductible as your situation allows. 100% of contributions go directly to these organizations, not to SSPA.

Click HERE to donate to these groups.


One Arizona is made up of 30 local organizations representing diverse communities across the state, working side by side to build a culture of civic engagement and democratic participation. They have registered over 600,000 voters since 2018. Fostering collaboration among advocates, providing a forum to share strategies and ideas, we think One Arizona can boost progressive turnout in this critical state. And we all know how close Arizona was in 2022 – the Attorney General race has still not been called! We expect the same two years from now – except with Sinema leaving the Party, we have a chance to elect a real Dem Senator, if we can turn out votes. In addition to the Senate race, Arizona will likely have three close House races in 2024.


Progressive Leadership of Nevada (PLAN) was founded in 1984 to assure that every Nevada resident, especially people of color and young people, are represented in the electorate. Nevada in many ways epitomizes the disconnect between working people of color and the political system. This nonprofit is dedicated to changing that, with the notion that “everybody’s voice is valuable, and our democracy is most vibrant when as many people are participating as possible.” This organization is operating – registering voters and getting them out to vote – in a traditionally blue state that is up for grabs politically. Sen. Jackie Rosen will be running for re-election in 2024, and there will be 2-3 likely-close House elections in Nevada as well.


The Ohio Organizing Collaborative is developing a “people powered Ohio.” In 2022 the Ohio Organizing Collaborative registered 50,000 voters in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati – mostly young voters and Black voters. It is a group dedicated to making Ohio a state that both parties sees as up for grabs, including both working with voters and pushing for fairer district maps. Sen. Sherrod Brown will be running for re-election in this very tough state, and there will likely be 2-3 likely-close House elections as well, including a seat that we flipped this year.


Unidos US is dedicated to assuring Latinos are the most active, engaged and informed voters in the nation. Unidos US has registered over 128,000 new Latino voters and reached over 500,000 potential Latino voters alone in 2020. Unidos US is currently engaged in registering new Latino voters in AZ, CA, CO, MT, NC, NV, PA, TX, IL, OH and TN. Progressive policies depend on increasing turnout out among voters of color and Unidos US is a leader in changing the way Latino voters think about the political process.