SSPA 2022 Pennsylvania and North Carolina Canvassing Materials

Hello Canvassers!

Thanks for helping keep Pennsylvania and North Carolina Blue!

General prep:

  • Launch time is usually 12 Noon.  See your confirmation message for exact times and starting location.  We recommend getting there around 10-15 minutes early. 
  • NOTE: If you’re starting from State Street in Harrisburg, PAY THE PARKING METER, even on Saturday.  The ticket writers are active.
  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes.  Bring a mask, sunscreen, water, a snack, hat/sunglasses/rain gear (as needed) , and a CHARGED cell phone. Bring a battery phone charger if possible, especially if you don’t have a charger in your car. Bring a bag or backpack if you want something to hold materials while canvassing.
  • Download MiniVan app on your phone (instructions below).

Help Before You Go:

  • A brief and user friendly tutorial (7 1/2 minutes) on how to set up and use “MiniVAN”, the app that tells you what addresses you’ll be canvassing, provides information on the voters you’ll be talking to, and helps you track your progress.
  • A good backgrounder from Swing Left on how to spark conversations while canvassing. It’s a 22 minute video that’s very helpful.
  • PA Voting Guide w/ deadlines, dates and barcodes.  Worth printing and having with you

Pennsylvania Candidate Info and Talking Points:

North Carolina Candidate Info and Talking Points:

  • This link from the NC campaign includes a lot of information; the most helpful section may be the voting resources section, particularly the Election Ballot Guide
  • Info on Cheri Beasley – Senate candidate
  • Info on Wiley Nickel, running for NC 13 Congressional seat
  • Here is a recent WaPost article about how abortion is playing in the state and prospects for Nickel.
  • Here is a Hill article with key takeaways from the recent debate between Beasley and her GOP opponent Ted Budd.
  • here is a really good recent Vox piece on why Beasley has a fighting chance in NC and should not be underestimated.
  • Remember that you are NOT expected to be an expert on this! Our main value is as concerned volunteers, not as political professionals.  If you don’t know how to answer a question posed by a voter, it’s fine to consult materials, or simply to say that you don’t know and will ask the campaign to get back to them (AND THEN NOTE THE QUESTION IN MINIVAN).

Questions and Assistance

Contact Janet Firshein ( or Dori Paster (